SAPD Recruitment

The first step in the application process is to call for an appointment to meet with the recruiting department for an informational session, and to obtain an application. You must clearly state your name and telephone number, so that we may contact you back to arrange for your informational session. Informational sessions will be held once a month.

Contact us via phone (617-625-1600 EXT. 7600) or our email at

All candidates interested in joining the SAPD must meet the following guidelines:

-Citizen of the United States.

-Massachusetts residency.

-Possess a High School diploma or equivalent.

-Candidate must agree to undergo and submit the results of a physical examination and be free of physical and mental defects which would interfere with law enforcement activities.

-Candidate must be willing to submit to a criminal background check. This step is required to be considered for employment. A background check includes but is not limited to criminal history, personal & professional references, and driving record.

-Candidate must have a valid drivers license, and maintain the valid status during their time with the Department.

-Certified in CPR/AED/First Aid.*

-Candidate must have an excellent driving record.

-Candidate must be willing and able to fulfill all of the Departments training requirements.

-Candidate must be able to respond to the police station within a reasonable amount of time in case of an emergency call-out.

-Candidate must be able to take and follow orders from superiors. Discipline is a key part of the SAPD.

-Candidate must be able and willing to work alone, and with little or no supervision.

-Candidate must be able to work in a stressful environment.

-Candidate must be aware of the commitments required by the department prior to applying. These include being called out to emergencies during the holidays, which may result in taking you away from family and friends.

-Candidate must have a reliable vehicle. Said vehicle must be properly registered, inspected, and insured at all times. Candidate must be aware that use of your personal vehicle for certain details is required, and that the fuel used is not reimbursed by the department or the city. The SPD, SAPD, and the City of Somerville are not responsible for damage to your vehicle while performing duties as an SAPD Officer.

-Candidates must be aware that the SAPD, SPD, and the City of Somerville do not provide medical, injury, death, or disability insurance to any Auxiliary Officers.

-Candidates must complete all pages of the application, and complete all stages of the application process.

***IMPORTANT NOTE FOR APPLICANTS: Do not come to our offices while in uniform for a private security company or other police paraphernalia. Please change into civilian clothing before coming to our offices. Thank you.***

*Required by the time of hire but not at initial application.