1942: The Somerville Auxiliary Police Department is founded as a part of Civil Defense.


1950: The SAPD is armed for the fist time after buying used revolvers from the United States Navy.


1986: The first issue of the now defunct department newsletter "Volunteer" is released. Very few issues were ever produced. The same year, the Somerville Police Department is voted the best dressed Department in Massachusetts.


1988: The SAPD receives a new cruiser, a 1988 Ford Crown Victoria LTD. This car was purchased new by the city and presented to Captain Henry Wagner and the Department by Mayor Eugene Brune (Source: Somerville Journal - 1988)


1989: The SAPD launches its first ever Child Identification program at the Assembly Square Mall. In 9 hours, SAPD members created ID's for over 1,000 children. Only when they ran out of supplies did they stop.


1991: For the first and only time in Department history, the SAPD is disbanded during the summer due to a budget crisis resulting in the layoff of many SPD Officers. The Department is reinstated in the fall after the Officers were rehired.


1992: Statistics from this year show that, amongst other duties performed, The SAPD assisted with 4 arrests, assisted 53 civilians, handled 193 lockouts and also recovered 2 stolen vehicles.


1993: The Department-issue uniform shirts are changed from Navy blue to Slate Grey, and feature a grey stripe on the pant legs.


1994: The SAPD introduces the Unit Citation Award for the first time, and awards it to Officer Jeffrey Cole for his efforts in the Recruiting Department.


1998: Jerry Carvalho is appointed Chief of Department by Henry Wagner, who steps down to take the Deputy Chief position.


1998: The SAPD switches from .38 Cal revolvers to 9mm Smith & Wesson semi-automatic weapons issued by the Department.

2005: The SAPD returns to the Internet with its new and updated website.


2005: The SAPD receives its newest cruiser, a 2005 Crown Victoria. This car replaced the aging 2000 Crown Vic that the SAPD had been using for several years.


2005: Deputy Chief Wagner retires after 25+ years of service to the Department and the City.


2013: The SAPD website is redesigned and relaunched.


2014: The SAPD implements new training and administration programs while working a record number of events.

2017: The SAPD reveals its updated website.

Somerville Auxiliary Police History