The first step in the recruiting process is to attend our 'Recruiting Informational Session' which is held the last Tuesday of every month between 6:30-8:00 pm

This is held in the Somerville Police Department, Public Safety Building on the lower level, in the Auxilary Police conference room. The Somerville Police Department is located at 220 Washington Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143


Once you have attended the informational session and decide whether you would like to join, and that you meet the candidate requirements, you can download the application, print it out and fill it in, or fill it out online and then print it.


Once your application is completed you will bring it back on the last Tuesday of the month. Any questions that you need answered about the application, and process can be asked through our email.


When filling out the application please take the time to read it thoroughly and answer all questions truthfully and as completely as possible. If there is a section of the application, that does not apply to you, please put N/A in that section. You will be required to bring all relevant documentation and identification to the station with you. 


If you work in the private sector as a Security Professional or are a member of another Police Department, Sheriff's Department or Auxilary Police Department we ask that you DO NOT come to our department or informational session dressed in your work attire. We also ask that you DO NOT bring any weapons with you (Firearms,OC, Baton, Knife etc.) If you do you will be asked to leave the building.


When attending our informational session we expect you to be dressed appropriately in business attire.